Amazon Echo Spot : A Near-Perfect Smart Alarm Clock

amazon echo spot

People are tired of alarm clocks. No one wants an annoying piece of machine waking you up. Moreover, you now have smartphones that can do the job better. Plus, your phone lies right next to you on charge. Compared to a regular alarm clock, it’s not that annoying to turn off your phone’s alarm. However, it is not healthy to be excessively involved with your smartphone.

Therefore, Amazon has some excellent smart alarm clocks that give you premium service. In this regard, the brand new Amazon Echo spot is the perfect alarm clock for your bedroom. Or, should  I say almost perfect?

This article reviews this latest Amazon product and helps you determine if you should get one for yourself.

What makes it a comprehensive package?

Echo Spot has a terrific screen which displays the clock. In fact, you get to choose from 16 different watch faces. Also, you can customize the watch faces with your photos. This is an example of brilliant marketing strategy.

Interestingly, Spot can present Alexa’s answers to your questions with a scrolling text facility. Therefore, you don’t need to pay attention to the audio all the time.

On the other hand, it also gives weather updates once the alarm goes off. Therefore, it helps you plan your day accordingly.

Admittedly, its 1.4-inch speaker is a killer feature. Alexa’s audio sounds way better compared to the tiny speakers of Echo Dot.

Exciting Features of Amazon Echo Spot

At a reasonable price of $129.99, Echo Spot is a brilliant effort. Compared to Echo Show, Spot is less expensive yet armed with the same features.

Attractive Design

The currently trending smart alarm clock is amazing in design.  Arguably, it is the prettiest Echo device so far. After all, you want to wake up to something beautiful. What’s better than a cute little clock raising you to sleep?

Echo Spot is available in beautiful black and white versions. Honestly speaking, it is much more than a basic alarm clock. Its circular touchscreen can also display information, videos, lists, etc.

amazon echo spot

Video Calling

Notably, this feature of the Echo Spot is one of the most significant selling points. Similar to Echo Show, Spot can place video calls with other Echo devices. You need the help of dear Alexa for this purpose.

Along with excellent sound, you also get a brilliant image quality. Moreover, you can easily see yourself and the person you are calling. Plus, you can enable an interesting “drop-in” feature. This can come across as somewhat creepy. You can connect to another person’s Echo even if he doesn’t answer your call.

Also,  you can disable the camera and voice control by using a button. Apart from that, you can also disable the camera separately. All you need to do is adjust the settings from Spot’s menu.

Any room for improvement?

Certainly. Echo Spot has a tiny screen. You will find it hard to see multiple people in one frame.  Although the device is multifunction, it can sure give even more.

In fact, many users feel that Echo Spot should have left out the camera. It’s often difficult to regulate the settings correctly. Again, you might get vulnerable to remote hacking. Although a brilliant feature, the camera issue needs work. After all, there is hardly anything as crucial as your privacy.

Voice Commands

Like all Echo devices, the best way to communicate with Echo Spot is through voice. By talking to Alexa enabled on Spot, you can make it do a wide array of diverse tasks. For example, it can play music, videos, answer your questions and much more. Without a doubt, Echo Spot is on the mission to better your lifestyle. Truly said, it is not just an alarm clock. That being said, can use some improved touch controls to enhance the activity.

Echo Spot| Close to Absolute Perfection

Once Amazon deals with the camera and privacy issue, Echo Spot will be the perfect addition to your gadget gallery. It often happens that your smartphone accidentally turned off and you didn’t get the much-needed wake-up call. Echo Spot attends to this issue in style.

Is Echo Spot splendid enough to be your latest buy? Consider all factors and decide for yourself. That being said, Spot is surely a tough sell.