Apple Smart Watch Tips And Tricks To Make Good Use Of Your Watch

apple smartwatch

The big surprise comes in little packages; Apple Smartwatch comes with a lot of tiny surprises.

It has something for everyone, starting with direct messaging, to the advanced fitness tracker, also the productivity measurement. Name it, and the product has it for you.

There are a lot of smartwatch brands out there, featuring a bundle of technique some might attract you, while some might stay in the dark.

Apple smartwatch is not an exception. However, not all the Apple Watch feature and tricks are easily accessible from the very beginning. Now the brand is coming up with a new product Apple Watch Series – 3 which is filled with a lot of tricks, can be available for the users from the get-go.

Here are the lists of tips and tricks for Apple Watch, that will make help you get the most out of your iWatch.

1. Find Your iPhone Using Apple Watch

You can use your iWatch to find out your iPhone in case you lost it. The watch sends a pinging alert to help you find your iPhone when you unable to locate your phone. You can access the feature by swiping up the screen form the bottom and then you will see a ringing phone button tap the button the feature will activate.

If you want to put a little extra effort finding your phone, then hold the button. It will make your iPhone’s screen go flash off.

2. Customise Your Apple SmartWatch Face

With this Apple smartwatch, now you can customize your Apple watch face with ease. Once you find the face you want to customize, press and hold in the centre of the face. This feature is well known as Force Touch.

When you hold the screen, you will see a Customize button. Now you will be able to customize your watch face. For instance, you can add different widgets to your face, like weather, calendar, music, etc. You can even change the colour of the face.

3. Time Travel Feature On Apple Watch

apple smartwatch

This feature lets you see the upcoming events on your calendar.  With this feature, you can access the schedule quickly. To watch every event on your calendar rapidly by jumping ahead of timeline, you can use watch’s crown scrolling. When you are done seeing the events click on the crown to go back to the present.

To activate the feature go to your watch app on your phone. Go to clock and tap time travel it will enable the function.

4. Silent Your Watch Covering With Your Hand

Try Apple’s Cover To Mute option to easily silent your Apple SmartWatch. Next time, when you need to mute your alarm all you need to do cover your entire watch with your hand. After three seconds of covering your watch, you should feel a vibration, it means, the watch is in silent mode.

Go to your watch app on your phone and then tap on the Sound & Haptic then tap on Cover to mute option.

5. Take A Screenshot OF Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot on Apple watch is easy, all you need to do, press both the button on the right side of the watch. By doing so, your screenshot will be saved on the photo folder of your iPhone.

6. Check The Time Without Illuminating The Screen

Sometimes we struggle to check the time when we are in the middle of a meeting. Apple watch’s this feature surely will help you out in this situation. Now when you need to check your time, just lift the crown a bit, and the screen will start to glow. This way you can watch the time without entirely illuminating the entire watch screen.

7. Flip Your Apple Watch Around

If you are left-handed, then Apple did remember you. To flip the watch, go to your Apple SmartWatch app on your iPhone, then go to the General the navigate to the watch orientation. Now you will see the option to wear the watch on your right wrist and simultaneously flip the watch around so the watch crown will be outside.

8. Turn The Flash to Red On Your Apple Watch

If you want to use watch’s flashlight, there is an option to access the same too. However, there is a feature for you, when you don’t want the light too bright, Apple watch has a setting for the same as well. Navigate to the control centre then enable the flashlight from there and then swipe to the left of the screen until you find the red colour screen.

9. Use Force Touch To Clear Out All the Apple Watch Notification

Apple Watch has a quick trick to clear out all the notification with just a tap. Pull down the screen from the top, to view the notification. Then touch in the middle of the screen to force stop the notification. You should see an X mark saying clear all. Click on that to close all the notification at once.

10. Organize Your Apple Watch  App

You can easily organize the App for quick access to the application. Apple automatically categorizes the application in honeycomb layout, when you open the apps in Apple Watch. Again if you want to change the position of the applications, then you can force touch them to move them to your desired position.

apple watch apps

11. Change the App Layout entirely

Since watch OS 4 came out, you don’t have to see all your application in honeycomb layout. Now Apple gives you the option to change to arrange the application in a list view mode.

Press the Crown once, when all app icon appears to force touch on the centre of the screen. At this point, you should see the option “Grid View” or “List View” chose the option accordingly.

12. Nightstand Mode

If you don’t like wearing the watch at night, then you can also use the watch for a different purpose, as a bedside clock.

Place the watch on the charging dock then turn the watch on its side. The Screen will horizontally flip, displaying the time in the large display along with day and date.  

To Conclude

So these are trick you can use to use your Apple Watch to its optimum level. There are other tricks too. For more information about the tricks and its utilization, you can comment down below. It would be nice to hear back from you.