Apple WatchOS 5- Adding the Power And Communication Feature

watchOS 5

Apple previewed the watchOS 5 on June 4th. This is a significant update to the Apple watches, the most significant watches in the world. With this new addition, Apple watch has become an even better companion for us.

Communication, fitness, and quick access to information have been the positives for Apple watches always. And now with the added features, it is about to revolutionize the way people look at watches.

What’s new with WatchOS 5?

With watchOS 5, following new features are added to the Apple watches:

  • Auto-workout detection,
  • Walkie-Talkie,  
  • Activity Sharing competitions,
  • Advanced running features,
  • Third-party apps on the Siri watch face, and
  • Apple Podcasts are the newly added features.

Let’s take a look into these features.

Auto-workout Detection

This feature tells you to begin the correct workout and gives ex-post facto credit. It also reminds you to end workout sessions if you aren’t active for some time if you forget.


WatchOS 5

With the feature of the walkie-talkie, Apple has introduced a new way of voice communication. All you have to do is tap on your wrist. You can now stay connected with friends and family. The watch to watch connection is speedy and personal. You can activate it between the users of compatible Apple watches over wifi or cellular network.

Activity Sharing competitions

Fitness tracking just went a notch higher with activity sharing competition. Invite another Apple watch users to compete with this feature. You can create a seven-day activity competition and earn points for closing each activity rings. Also, you can receive coaching notifications to stay engaged for the week and win it.

Advanced Running Features

If you are a running enthusiast, this feature is meant for you. This high-performance feature comes with a new cadence metric for both indoor and outdoor walks and run. It also has a new pace alarm to tell you when you are ahead or behind your designated target pace. With the new rolling mile pace metric, you can now see your pace for the immediately preceding mile along with your average and current speed.

Updates for Siri

You will now have a more efficient personal assistant in Siri with more predictive and proactive shortcuts for the day based on your routine. Along with that, Siri will now be able to do a lot more like telling you the commute time with Maps and sports scores for a favourite team. It will also be able to give biometric information after a workout like heart rate. Siri watch face will also show contents that are actionable from your favourite apps.

Apple Podcast

With Watch OS 5, Apple has brought your favourite podcasts to you even on the go. You can use Siri to stream any listed podcast. The episodes will automatically sync to your watch, just like any other device. The Apple podcast app will add the fresh episodes on its own.  You can also playback offline music, audiobooks and meditation sessions from specific apps without having your iPhone nearby.

Student ID

Even the student ID has been revolutionized with this update. Now, the students with Apple watches can gain access to places with a rise of the wrist. These places include the library, events, and dorms. You can also add your ID cards to the wallet and pay for the snacks, dinner, and laundry around the campus. However, this feature is limited to specific to certain universities.

The pride Edition

You can also download new watch face from the gallery to celebrate pride. It has updated its Woven Nylon band of the pride edition with new rainbow stripes, making donations to certain organizations.

Availability of the Update

The update is available for the developers as of now. But if you aren’t a developer, you will have to wait until September to use these features. The date is not confirmed yet.

Also, these features might differ from countries. Some of them might not be available everywhere.

You will be able to update your Apple watch series 1 and later versions. However, it will support the original Apple watch. If you have iOS 11.4 and watchOS 4.3.1, you can download the watch face.

The updates sound fantastic and every Apple watch user around the world is eagerly waiting for it to be rolled out,  and make their life easier.