Apple Watch Faces – Change It According To Your Need

Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch can be described as Apple’s most personal device. It is one of the smartwatches designed and developed by Apple Inc. The Apple Watch faces make personalization even easier. Easily integrated with iOS and other Apple products by incorporating fitness and health tracking capabilities. It can also perform many default functions like texting, calling etc. The second generation of Apple Watches was released in September 2016 and now is becoming the best selling wearable technology device. Like the iPhone, Apple Watch is also providing the user with some amazing features. Recently, Apple has introduced a high-level water-resistant smartwatch suitable for swimmers and surfers.

The first generation Apple Watch does not have the built-in GPS chip but it can easily pair with an iPhone for giving the location services. When it is pairing with an iPhone, all music and videos available on the iPhone can be accessed from Apple Watch. Second generation watches are relatively cheaper than the first generation and pack awesome display feature. Third generation Apple Watches are also popular for its more advanced and fast processor, increased RAM and an excellent Bluetooth connectivity.

Apple Watch Faces

This watch can display the photos from an iPhone but it has no built-in camera and it can set the timer on the camera very easily. But making a call on the Apple Watch is no doubt an incredible feature.

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Best Apple Watch faces with their wonderful features

Here are the common Apple Watches available in the market. Go through the article carefully if you want to know some of the best quality Apple Watches.  

  • Commuter

We can find our destination quickly and efficiently by using Commuters. ETA is the inbuilt feature of Commuter which can easily keep us updated about the traffic and public transportation delays. Furthermore, Carrot Weather will tell whether you need to carry an umbrella or not. Citymapper is another important feature of Commuter because it helps us in knowing when we will reach our destination.

  • Activity Tracker

If you are trying to lose weight and want to track activity during the journey, then this is the best choice for you. Activity Tracker is always ready to keep a record and notify you about your next workout. In some cases, many use this smartwatch for measuring heartbeat and also the quality of sleep.

Activity Tracker

  • Worker

This variant is specially designed for busy people and always ready to go somewhere. In the bottom of the device, you also get the mailing options. If the Apple watch is running on series 3 with LTE, every feature of the device should run smoothly.

  • Assistant Lover

If you are looking for an assistant that will be proactive about your whole day, then you will not find any better option except this watch face. You will also get a guidance, notifications and many more features by using this device on a regular basis.

  • Cook

This device is mainly designed if you want to know about the small changes that can make your time in the kitchen easier. The timer complication in this watch face can remind you and will also help you to remember all the essential things related to cooking.

  • Frequent Flyer

This is one of the best watch faces available in the market and comes with some extraordinary features. By using this application, you can get all boarding related information for flights. Frequent Flyer also comes with an inbuilt weather app helping users to check whether condition easily before planning a trip. The calendar feature is also available here.

  • The Photography Lover

Smartphone cameras are always good with some exciting features. This watch face is just for you if you are a photographer and want to take beautiful pictures all the time. You will definitely get calendar related updates at the bottom of the screen.

Apple Watch Camera

  • Modular

If you want to get information then modular watch face is what suits your criteria. The digital display is the best feature for its capability of quickly reading and gathering information from a single place.

So, these are some well known Apple Watch faces with brilliant features. Though they are contributing a lot when it comes to productivity, but do have certain drawbacks. Short battery life, poor reaction sensitivity, and complicated setup process are some major disadvantages of using Apple Watch faces.