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Virtual Reality Gaming – Is It Worth Your Money?

virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality gaming and experiences have taken the technological world by storm and how!

Since its inception, the concept of VR has come a long way to provide the best VR experiences that defy all the rules and set a new standard. Unless you live under a rock, it’s impossible that you haven’t even heard of VR. If you haven’t participated in any VR experiences, then you should make arrangements to rectify that immediately. Mark our words, you are missing out on an exceedingly fun experience. 

Virtual Reality Gaming – Why Try it Out?

If playing games is your jam, imagine how much your experience will be enhanced if you play it all in a simulated environment where everything seems real and excitingly immersive?

With virtual reality gaming, you are transported to a virtual world where you’d be wearing your headset along with other VR gear, all set to blow stuff up! While you can create a VR setup in the comfort of your home, it could be expensive. The best thing to do is to look into VR experiences available near you and have a ball of a time either alone or with your mates. 

VR gaming isn’t always about saving the world or shooting off zombies. You could also opt for a more mellow storyline and simulation with VR arcade games! This tells us that no matter what type of experience you are looking for, with virtual reality gaming, all is now possible and available!

VR Gaming – Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

Now that we’ve established that virtual reality is a whole new goldmine immersive experience, we need to understand if it’s all worth it. 

What are the benefits of VR gaming? 

Is there any positive takeaway you can leverage?

Let’s find out!

Lifelike Experience

With virtual reality gaming, you don’t have to sit in front of a screen clicking away as you stare at it for hours on end. With VR experiences, you get to equip yourself with a VR headset that brings to you a whole new environment of lifelike authenticity. 

You actually get to use your body to kill off zombies and escape from virtual life-threatening situations by controlling the movements of your character in the game. 

Burn Serious Calories

When you are playing games while sitting at home, you are sitting on your sofa with a controller for hours without moving. With VR gaming, you have to move around to achieve your goals. This makes it an active form of entertainment as you move around a lot and perform crazy stunts to win the game. 

Like we said, it’s quite life-like and authentic, which means all your movements are translated into the virtual world in real-time. 

You may have to walk around, or run in some instances or perhaps flap your arms around or shove somebody aside to complete your game’s objectives. At the end of the VR session, you are bound to be exhausted, having burnt calories performing tasks.

Conquer Phobias

VR gaming creates a dangerous simulated world for us to experience. This means, as a participant, you will come face to face with some of your worst phobias like pitch black darkness, deep waters, insane heights and more. You have to fight these challenges so as to win the game. 

The beauty of VR gaming is that while it all feels real, it’s not really happening while it also kind of is, albeit virtually. It is simulation at its best, meaning you get to challenge yourself and overcome your fears and a series of obstacles to make it through the game. 

Adds to Your Intelligence

In most VR experiences, you will come across clues that you need to decipher in order to complete a task and proceed to the next level. You may also have to solve puzzles to move ahead in the game. This way, you not only engage your body, but also your mind to perform tasks while keeping your brain sharp and active. 

Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

If you’ve been dealing with chronic body aches for which you need to take medications, then try out VR gaming! It probably sounds a bit far-fetched to you now, but try it out to see what we mean. 

With an immersive VR experience, you challenge yourself to engage in a simulated environment that helps improve your overall health and by extension, helps ease any chronic pain you’ve been dealing with. 

VR makes exercise so much more fun and exciting. You will potentially be able to offset the cost of medication with regular VR gaming sessions. 

Ease Stress and Anxiety

You can cope with stress and anxiety better when you can immerse yourself for sometime in a VR experience. Engaging in a thrilling virtual adventure releases chemicals in your body that make you more aware and happy as you find solace in something fun and eventful. 

This way, you can successfully deal with the stresses of your life and effectively overcome them. VR gaming with all its excitement and thrills, serves as a welcome break from the shackles of all the stressful situations. 

To Sum Up…

Visit the nearest VR gaming arena for a memorable experience that has a myriad of benefits. You can take your pick from full-body, free roam, multiplayer and other VR arcade experiences. 

With VR, an enjoyable experience is guaranteed so what are you waiting for? Rope in some of your friends and family and use your virtual powers to overcome challenges!

How to Deal with Error Code Weasel in Destiny

error code weasel

If you enjoy playing online games and are familiar with them, you must have played or at least come across Destiny. This is one of those games that have gained huge popularity among gamers. If you haven’t already, you have to try it out someday. 

However, today it is about a part of the game that’s as disliked by the players as the game itself is liked. If you have played the latest instalment, you might have guessed by now that this is about the error code weasel. It is probably as much talked about as the game itself. You’ll find a large number of discussions on online forums about how to fix this issue. 

Players are fed up with it, and you can easily understand why. If you belong to this category, do keep reading for some useful information on this matter.

What is the Error Code Weasel?

For those who don’t know, it is an error that comes up while you’re playing the game. It will often appear when you’ve reached a crucial level. Just imagine you’re about to achieve victory, and then suddenly the game gets disconnected. This is what error code weasel can do to you. 

Now, you would be very annoyed by this, but there is a way to deal with it. Before rage-quitting, it would be better that you try some troubleshooting first.

What to do when you face Error Code Weasel?

Did the game show this error code weasel and get disconnected? In that case, you have to resolve it, at the earliest. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play the game again until the issue is fixed. You might feel clueless as to what you must do. However, it’s quite simple and you have to try the following:

  1. Make sure there are no internet connection problems

When the game shows an error code weasel, it’s not necessarily due to a big problem. Since it is multiplayer, it requires a good internet connection. If there are any problems with that, it’s bound to get disconnected. 

In such cases, there’s nothing to worry about. Fix the problems associated with the internet connection, if any, and you can get back in the game. Are you using a wireless connection? Then, you might want to try using a wired one. That might be quite helpful in improving the connection.

  1. Change the cables

As you might know, the cables you’re using play a crucial role in the internet connection. Some of them are simply outdated to be used for online gaming. In case you have one of those, you might want to consider getting one with better quality. You would surely see a significant change in your gaming experience.

  1. Clear all cache from the Xbox

Are you playing the game on an Xbox? Then, you probably enjoy it a lot as it’s perfect for a console. However, you can get the error code weasel in this case as well. If there’s a lot of cache lying in the device, it can hamper the gameplay. So, if you’re facing this issue, you might want to check if there’s any cache that is to be cleared.

Now, there’s no option to do that in the system. So, if you’re wondering how to do that, it’s quite simple. Shut down the console by holding down the Power button. Then, remove the power cable from it. That’s all you have to do to clear the cache. Once you’re done, simply power it back on and check if the issue is solved. In case it isn’t, you might want to check the internet connection.

  1. Remove the game app from the phone

To keep the players updated, Destiny also has an app that can be linked to phones. You might have got one yourself. Strangely, this could be the reason why your game shows the error code weasel. Now, you might wonder how an app on your phone can be related to issues on your gaming console or PC. Well, let’s just say there’s no explanation found yet for that. You’ll find a lot of players saying on the internet that removing the Destiny app fixed their connection issue. 

So, you might want to try this, if other methods don’t work. And, there can only be one process to find out. However, removing doesn’t mean just uninstalling. You have to go to the account settings in Bungie.net and unlink it from your phone.

  1. Delete all clan invites you haven’t accepted

Since this game allows forming different clans like most online games, you might have received many invites. You have to make a clear decision about whether you want to accept or reject them. If you’re not going to accept a request, you must delete them. Because it can otherwise cause the game to show an error code weasel. That is what a lot of players have reported. So, if you’re facing this issue and have a lot of pending invites, try clearing them.


A lot of players are facing problems due to the error code weasel, in the latest Destiny game. Being so popular, the bugs in the game would hopefully be fixed, then you might have a better experience. Until then at least, you would have to rely on the tips given here to solve the issue.

Will YouTube replace the TV in 5-10 years in the US?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

There is a common observation that every company has to adapt to the challenges of the modern-day and innovation to stay relevant. The biggest problem with many companies is that once they reach their prime, they start to live in a comfort zone without realizing what the future holds for them. The biggest example of this is Nokia. It was considered to be the world’s best cellphone brand. When android entered the market, Nokia was supposed to take it in. However, it didn’t and it all lead to the downfall of the company.

Cable TV faces a great threat to survival as more and more streaming services have started to take over. The streaming services offer great affordability, reliability, and convenience for the customers. They don’t have to pay a hefty amount every month to get just the basic coverage. It allows them to watch anything directly from their smartphones and it changes how we get entertainment forever.

YouTube is a popular video-based platform that has come a long way ever since its inception. YouTube now offers a streaming service called YouTube TV that offers Live TV, on-demand service, and DVR functionality. Can YouTube TV replace cable TV in 5 to 10 years? Let’s see what YouTube TV has to offer in the first place:

YouTube TV review

While streaming services like Netflix and prime feature original or on-demand content, platforms like YouTube TV can replace your cable TV subscription. YouTube TV is a modern approach to all streaming services. It offers more than 80 channels in the plan. The channels include news, sports, and tons of entertainment channels. It offers a great combination of streaming and TV channels.

YouTube TV channels

YouTube TV offers an extensive channel lineup with more than 90 channels. All these channels stack up really well against the competition and cable TV. The channel lineup is completely out of all the streaming services present in the market.

Local Channels

Local Channels are something that every streaming platform clearly lacks. The best thing about cable TV is the ability to get you all the popular local channels ranging from sports, news, and entertainment. Fortunately, YouTube TV has all the major local channels. These channels include FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Sports channels

Just like cable TV, YouTube TV offers a great lineup for sports programming. You get all the important channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, NBA TV, and MLB Network. However, YouTube TV has lost FOX regional sports networks. If you are a sports fanatic, this might not go down well with you. Losing FOX has serious implications for our ability to watch the NHL, NBA, and MLB games. Therefore, YouTube TV is left with some limited regional sports choices. You cannot say the same for cable. Providers like Spectrum cable have a huge lineup of all the regional sports choices.

Other channels

There are many other popular channels you can find on YouTube TV. These channels include all the news channels such as BBC America, CNN, FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. You can watch live and exclusive coverage of these channels from the YouTube streaming application that is available on Apple and PlayStore. You also get to access a variety of lifestyle and entertainment content. These channels belong to all genres and include AMC, The CW, National Geographic, USA, TNT, TLC, HGTV, Discovery, and the Travel Channel. After a deal with ViaconCBS, you get Comedy Central, Paramount Network, BET, CMT, MTV2, BET Her, TeenNick, MTV Classic, and VH1.

The downside to YouTube TV

Why do people switch to streaming? The ever-increasing prices of cable TV are the main reason why people opt for cable TV. There are many additional charges on top of the regular monthly bill. This makes cable TV inaccessible for the customers.

The only downside to YouTube TV is the monthly charges. It starts around $65 per month which is too much for a streaming service. This is exactly the same amount you pay for a cable TV provider. You may even get more than 120 channels at the same price. This beats the entire purpose of YouTube TV.

Final Verdict

If YouTube TV is to beat cable TV in the next 5 to 10 years, it should be affordable for the likes of an average consumer.

What is the right choice for your company – LCD or LED screens?


When shopping for new screens for your business, it’s likely the term ‘LCD’ comes to mind. LCDs are the most common type of screen on the market today, overtaking plasma displays in 2014. 

In this article, we’ll outline how LCD and LED screens work, the key differences between the two, and which variety may be best for your business.

What are LCD screens?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. These modern displays generate an image via liquid crystals. A liquid crystal is both a liquid and a solid—the solid molecules in the liquid crystal form simple, geometric shapes, while the liquid molecules form fluid, unstructured shapes.

Liquid crystal molecules begin bunched into dense, unstructured arrangements. When exposed to electricity, however, the molecules expand into well-defined, unified shapes.

LCD monitors feature backlights behind their screens, which emit white light. This light can’t transmit through the liquid crystals while they’re in liquid form. When electricity powers up the monitor, the liquid crystals take on a solid structure, allowing light to pass through.

Standard LCD screens use cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) as backlights. These lights are placed evenly across the screen, so brightness levels remain consistent.

What are LED screens?

LED screens are a type of LCD screen. You could say all LED screens are LCDs, but not all LCD screens are LEDs. Both display types create images using liquid crystals.

The term ‘LED’ actually describes the type of backlighting used. Standard LCD screens use fluorescent backlights, while LED monitors use just that—LEDs, or light-emitting diodes.

The two types of LED backlighting are edge lighting and full-array backlighting. With full-array, LEDs sit evenly across the screen, similar to standard LCDs—except the LEDs are assembled in zones. Each zone can be dimmed, creating more specific illumination and higher picture quality.

With edge lighting, LEDs sit along the edge of the monitor. This type of backlighting is useful for creating thin displays.

Benefits of LCD screens

For computer monitors in office environments, LCD screens are a common choice. They’re more affordable, and because of their wider viewing angle, can be more comfortable to use over prolonged periods. LCDs are also the better choice for people who suffer from eye blurriness following extended PC use.

If your business employs display signage that customers will view up close, choose LCD screens. At a distance, LED signs are a better option.

LCD screens are also less susceptible to screen burn when compared with LEDs.

Benefits of LED screens

LED screens offer higher picture quality and faster response times. LED screens with edge lighting are also much thinner than typical LCDs.

Because of their higher response times and better resolution, LEDs may be the better choice for digital artists and designers.


Overall, LCD screens are the obvious choice for most businesses. The price point is lower, they’re comfortable to use, and they’re the best option for display signage that will be viewed up-close.

Apple Watch Faces – Change It According To Your Need

Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch can be described as Apple’s most personal device. It is one of the smartwatches designed and developed by Apple Inc. The Apple Watch faces make personalization even easier. Easily integrated with iOS and other Apple products by incorporating fitness and health tracking capabilities. It can also perform many default functions like texting, calling etc. The second generation of Apple Watches was released in September 2016 and now is becoming the best selling wearable technology device. Like the iPhone, Apple Watch is also providing the user with some amazing features. Recently, Apple has introduced a high-level water-resistant smartwatch suitable for swimmers and surfers.

The first generation Apple Watch does not have the built-in GPS chip but it can easily pair with an iPhone for giving the location services. When it is pairing with an iPhone, all music and videos available on the iPhone can be accessed from Apple Watch. Second generation watches are relatively cheaper than the first generation and pack awesome display feature. Third generation Apple Watches are also popular for its more advanced and fast processor, increased RAM and an excellent Bluetooth connectivity.

Apple Watch Faces

This watch can display the photos from an iPhone but it has no built-in camera and it can set the timer on the camera very easily. But making a call on the Apple Watch is no doubt an incredible feature.

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Best Apple Watch faces with their wonderful features

Here are the common Apple Watches available in the market. Go through the article carefully if you want to know some of the best quality Apple Watches.  

  • Commuter

We can find our destination quickly and efficiently by using Commuters. ETA is the inbuilt feature of Commuter which can easily keep us updated about the traffic and public transportation delays. Furthermore, Carrot Weather will tell whether you need to carry an umbrella or not. Citymapper is another important feature of Commuter because it helps us in knowing when we will reach our destination.

  • Activity Tracker

If you are trying to lose weight and want to track activity during the journey, then this is the best choice for you. Activity Tracker is always ready to keep a record and notify you about your next workout. In some cases, many use this smartwatch for measuring heartbeat and also the quality of sleep.

Activity Tracker

  • Worker

This variant is specially designed for busy people and always ready to go somewhere. In the bottom of the device, you also get the mailing options. If the Apple watch is running on series 3 with LTE, every feature of the device should run smoothly.

  • Assistant Lover

If you are looking for an assistant that will be proactive about your whole day, then you will not find any better option except this watch face. You will also get a guidance, notifications and many more features by using this device on a regular basis.

  • Cook

This device is mainly designed if you want to know about the small changes that can make your time in the kitchen easier. The timer complication in this watch face can remind you and will also help you to remember all the essential things related to cooking.

  • Frequent Flyer

This is one of the best watch faces available in the market and comes with some extraordinary features. By using this application, you can get all boarding related information for flights. Frequent Flyer also comes with an inbuilt weather app helping users to check whether condition easily before planning a trip. The calendar feature is also available here.

  • The Photography Lover

Smartphone cameras are always good with some exciting features. This watch face is just for you if you are a photographer and want to take beautiful pictures all the time. You will definitely get calendar related updates at the bottom of the screen.

Apple Watch Camera

  • Modular

If you want to get information then modular watch face is what suits your criteria. The digital display is the best feature for its capability of quickly reading and gathering information from a single place.

So, these are some well known Apple Watch faces with brilliant features. Though they are contributing a lot when it comes to productivity, but do have certain drawbacks. Short battery life, poor reaction sensitivity, and complicated setup process are some major disadvantages of using Apple Watch faces.

Get The Most Out Of Your Apple Watch – Hacks and Features

Apple Watch

Speaking of SmartWatch, Apple is the first name that strikes into your mind. However, the battery life has been a questioning point. With the new improved models, Apple has made a significant improvement in this said area.

On the other hand, the Apple organization is promising, the watch should run an entire long day with a single charge. Surprisingly, many series 2 or 3 users have claimed they can get something more out of it.

As a matter of fact, battery life depends on how the Apple watch is being used. In light of the case, here in this article, we are going to discuss the optimization of the usage. So, the wearers can get the most out of the product depending on their individual requirement.

So, let’s get in the tricks…

Apple Watch Display Settings

Display setting plays a vital role when it comes to battery life. There are a few tricks you can use to use your product to the optimum level.

Control Your Screen Light

Apple watch uses OLED screen, which means it requires a great deal of power. Although, if the screen light up when it is least expected, it would be great to control the settings manually.

Apple watch has a unique feature wake screen, which leads you to control the screen light by pressing a button or tapping on the screen.

You can activate the feature by going to the Apple Watch setting. Then navigate to the general and tap on Wake Screen. Now turn on Wake Screen on Write Raise option. Alternatively, you can also initialize this function by using iPhone.

Theater Mode

For a number of users, killing the automatic wake screen feature might feel exhaustive. It is likely; you may end up accidentally turning up your screen during some odd time of the day. When it actually not required, for instance, when you are sleeping.

Theater Mode

In such occasion, you can use the Theater Mode for making a scheduled usage. To trigger this feature, you need to swipe up the screen from the bottom of the lock face. It will reveal the control center. Now, you need to tap on the icon with two theater masks.

Please note, it also will silent the notification on your watch. So, this feature is appropriate when you are sleeping or going to a movie.

Brightness Control

Many users find it convenient to adjust the OLED display settings. They can modify the configuration to the lowest and brightness and least energy consuming level.

In order to adjust the brightness on your Apple watch go to the Brightness and Text Size and then select the required level. You can do the same from your iPhone as well.

OLED screen doesn’t release energy on simple black screen. In other words, if you choose a maximum black display rather than an image, it is more like to keep the charge intact.

Managing Apple Watch Application

In most of the cases, applications are the primary reason for the battery drain out. To avoid that, you sometimes need to manage the apps.

Apple Watch Application

Apps And Complications

It is good to minimize the usage of complications, for a fact, to get the recent update, it requires constant refreshing. That also requires a great deal of power consumption.

If you rarely use this feature then turning it off may save a significant amount of power. You can turn it off using the clock face customization, which can be activated back by long pressing on the clock face.

The third-party apps are not an exception too. Wheather you use it or not, the apps keep on refreshing in the background, so eat up most of the charge. When you need to check social media notification if iPhone is what you choose. Then is it required to install the same application on your watch? Only install such software which is worthy enough of being there.

Removing the unwanted application from your watch face, boost-up the battery life. To remove software from the watch face, you need to open the watch app on your iPhone, tap on edit and clicking on minus sign you can remove any app.

Install Creep And Refresh Manager

There are many third-party Apple Watch component, which gets installed automatically. You can ditch this default behavior, to do that, go to the watch app on your iPhone head to the general and then turn off the Automatic installation option.

Alternatively, you can also restrict the number of application which draws a considerable amount of power. Go to the watch app on your iPhone and select the General and background refresh app. Toggle off all the applications, leaving the required application. Weather and Calander for instance.


Notifications are essential, and it varies from user to user. However, all the notification eats up a bit of charge from your watch. So you need to filter out which notification is essential and which one you can check later on your iPhone.

To manage the notification alert, go to the iPhone watch app, select notification. Now, filter out the third-party apps and any pointless alert which basically mirror your iPhone alert.

Additional Power Saving Settings

There are other aspects which may exhaust your battery to death. In order to boost up your battery power, you may need to manage those feature too. In that way, you can get the best out of the Apple watch.

Heart Rate Functionality

In case you are only looking for taking a track of the Distance or Speed covered during a workout. Then Apple suggests, enable the Power Saving Mode to disable the heart rate sensor. Please note that, if the heart rate sensor is disabled then calory burning calculation might not work correctly.

Heart Rate Functionality

Haptic Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode

We have discussed Theater Mode, which offers a ground between two additional settings. Silent mode and do not disturb mode. If you turned on the silent mode, then it will mute the audible sound. Which can be set for a permanent basis, if you can manage with the haptic vibration for all kind of alert.

Also, with do not disturb mode, the function remains almost the same. It enables silent and disables vibration in both the devices. Unless the same is coming from a person saved in the favorite list.

Final Thought

So, these are the primary factors you can try to increase your battery life. Apart from that, there are certain things you may try also, Bluetooth setting for instance and managing other applications.

For more information, you can comment down below. Also if you have any other trick or suggestion you can mention them as well.

Top 5 Apple Watch Apps That Can Simplify Your Workday

apple watch apps

From students to business professionals, Apple Watch is a popular choice for several customers. It has crushed the sales figures of all competing smartwatches. Apart from the regular phone call and texting facilities, Apple Watch provides you with incredible fitness features. It is straightforward to use, and you can customize it by enabling some brilliant applications. However, it’s often tough to browse through millions of apps and choose the best for your android watch.  Moreover, watchOS is still underdeveloped and therefore, you need to spend some time looking for the perfect apps.

It is especially troublesome for business pundits who are generally busy. It’s hard for you to locate the apps that optimize your Apple Watch and make your workday easier. Therefore, go through this article to know about the top 5 efficient apps for your watch.

Leading 5 apps that make your day effortless

Unfortunately, several apps are not yet featured in the Watch app. Instead, you have to look for them in the iOS App Store. Without a doubt, this can be a challenging process. Therefore, make sure you have the following the applications for productive work output.

Drafts 5

apple watch apps

Does your job require you to take notes continuously? Running out of paper or battery of your iPhone is not an issue anymore. Say hello to Drafts 5, your free app that takes notes. With this, you can quickly take down notes right on your wrist. All you need to do is open the microphone and dictate your note. After that, you need to tap when done and see the record in the inbox.

What’s best about Drafts 5 is its simplicity. Also, you hardly need iOS for sorting the notes

Pocket pinch?

Well, Drafts 5 is a free upgrade to the earlier Drafts 4 version. However, you need to get the latter from App Store at $4.99. This is indeed a good buy that comes with several premium features


If you are a part of the tech space, you know the essence of time more than anyone. Admittedly, it’s often difficult to keep track of time. Thankfully, Hours does that for you. It is a fantastic time-tracking app that is indeed a saviour to your forgetful mind.

In case you are scheduling specific events or activities, Hours reminds you to kickoff or stop timers.

Also, the useful app can automatically sync all your entries. However, you need to pay around $7.99 a month for this. Although this monthly subscription could hurt you, it is still worth the cost.


Never heard of it?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free web service that coordinates all your apps and devices. Indeed, getting this application on your wrist is one of your best decisions.

With IFTTT, you can automate internet-application tasks. For example, you can quickly share the same content across diverse social media platforms. Again, IT professionals can easily track the mention of their companies.

Therefore, get this app for free and take your Apple Watch to the next level.


This era is all about the fast and the furious. You are witnessing a radical increase in the number of businesses and startups globally. Therefore, the collaboration of people from different corners of the world is a must. Add this function to your smartwatch and conquer the market. Wondering how is this possible?

Circa allows you to take a look at work schedules in the global scene. By specifying the name of the city and time, you can quickly check what your colleagues abroad are doing.

Dent in the purse?

In comparison to what Circa offers, $3.99 is an entirely reasonable amount. No matter what the time is or where you are, this app surely makes your day-to-day life smooth and straightforward.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The corporate world and powerpoint presentations are an immortal couple. Often, your boss asks you to deliver a presentation on a short notice. On top of that, presentation remotes are highly unreliable. A stalled slide can potentially halt your career. Well, you can end all your troubles by enabling this fascinating app on your Apple Watch.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most dependable remote that lets you start or end a presentation. Also, you can quickly advance or reverse slides according to your need.

Make the most of your Apple Watch

Professionals who use this hi-tech android watch swear by the apps mentioned in this article. In fact, you shouldn’t even begin your workday without enabling these applications. Brilliant and useful, these are sure to enhance the activity of your watch.

Old things gradually waste away. However, your Apple Watch never gets old as these apps take you to new beginnings in your career.

Best Application You Can Download And Install For Your Wear OS SmartWatch

Wear OS

Technology is running ahead these days with fast pacing innovation. It is connecting us with people but at the same time making us dependent on it. Revolutionary technologies are coming up every day. This is changing the way we utilize a certain gadget accordingly.

Watches have been traditionally known to show time. Though the basic purpose of a watch now is still the same, yet a watch is capable of doing wonders. From checking the weather to keeping track of your work out, a smartwatch can do everything.

Wear OS: The Wonders It Can Do

Wear OS

A wear OS is a successor to Android Wear. This OS is designed by Google exclusively for smartwatches and other wearables. Wear OS was released in 2014 and took the market with a storm.

Wear OS has Google assistant. That is, it is capable of checking the weather, setting a reminder, and providing maps and directions too.

Accordingly, you can set your meeting timings, grocery list and check emails with a smartwatch. Even you can do online transaction by using your watch.

Further, if you are into fitness, then a Wear OS will definitely win you over. It can keep track of your workout, set a routine, and notify when to start.

Wear OS is not just your fitness partner but your health too. You can use health Apps to motivate you and take care of you.

Therefore, a Wear OS is no less than your smartphone. It is a tiny assistance as well as your companion at work and gym. In addition, you can download and stream music with it. All of this comes without any compromising the style.

If you are already into wear OS then you might want to know about the best apps now. Choosing the correct Apps from the bunch can be quite confusing.

So, in case you are having difficulties in figuring out which Apps are the one for you, then go through this article and find out the 10 best apps for your Wear OS.

Never Lose Your Way Again With Citymapper

If you strapped a Wear OS on your wrist then you definitely want to install maps. The last thing a person wants is to get lost in the middle of a city.

You can download Citymapper. It is your ultimate travel guide. This app not only shows maps and routes but also gives an overall real-time traffic update.

Foursquare City Guide: Explorer’s Pick

If you have a spirit of adventure and love to find out about new and exciting places then Foursquare City Guide is a must-have for you.

You can get help from reliable people and keep track of the places you are going. This app allows you to keep a history of the places you’ve been, explore and make a list of the occasions.

Google Keep: For The Busy Bees

If you are too busy to keep track of your activities then Google Keep is your saviour. This app offers a note-taking service along with reminders. And the best thing is you can sync it with your smartphone. So, you now can check your to-do list without wasting time.

Google Pay: Your Digital Wallet

We all rely way too much on online transaction these days. Google pay is a platform for online transaction. You can do online transaction by using this safe and reliable app. The bonus is, it is pre-installed in your smartwatch. Therefore, make payment with Google Pay from your smartwatch and enjoy the privileges of technology.

Hole 19: Replace your Golf Watch

Good news for Golf players. You don’t have to buy a dedicated golf watch anymore. Simply install the Hole 19 app and turn your Wear OS into a golf watch.

From keeping track of your score to sharing it with your friends, this app got everything covered. Further, it comes with a built-in GPS and database of golf course around the globe.

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

Pill Reminder and Medication tracker is a healthcare companion by Medisafe. If you often forget to take your medicines, then this app can help you. It will remind you of your medication as well as track your health. Further, you can add the medications of your loved ones in this app.

Runkeeper: The Fitness Tracker

You no longer need your smartphone to keep track of your workout. Install Runkeeper and turn your Wear OS into your new fitness tracker.

This app keeps records of your overall running tracks, including pace, distance covered together with your heart rate. You can select a training plan and check your progress. Hence, Runkeeper is a complete fitness guide and a must-have.

Strava: Your Workout Partner

strava app

Strava is another fitness tracker for your Wear OS. You can keep track of running, swimming, cycling, etc with this app. The best thing about Strava is it’s not dependent on your smartphone.

Rather, you can use your Strava account to keep track of your workouts. Additionally, you can add your existing tracking data and check the progress.

Water Drink Reminder

Water is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We often forget to drink a sufficient amount of water and harm our body. You can install Water Drink Reminder app in your wear OS and leave the calculations on it.

This app will remind you to drink the proper amount of water on time. Besides, it will show you a report at the end of the day.

Wear Audio Recorder

We often go to meetings, interviews, seminar, etc and forget to record the important stuff. You can simply install Wear Audio Recorder and easily record audio. Also, you can sync it with Google drive and transfer the information easily.

Once you make your Wear OS your new buddy, you need some apps on the go. There are many more apps available for smartwatches. However, these 10 are must-haves. So, install them and enjoy the gift of technology.

The Galaxy Watch: What The World Knows About Samsung’s Next-Gen Smartwatch

galaxy watch

Samsung has been making names for itself in many areas. Its cutting-edge technology has been ruling the world of electronics for quite a while now. Its range or smartphones have been a show-stealer as well. And now, it has announced the launch of the Galaxy watch in August along with Note 9.

Initially called Gear S4 had everyone’s attention for over a year and a half now. At the end of 2017, it introduced Gear Sport instead. After its first Galaxy Gear, it launched Gear S2 and S3 as well.

But this is different, unlike any other.

Why Is Galaxy Watch Offbeat?

This is different and for good reasons. To start with Samsung is going to drop the word Gear from its name. The world will call it Galaxy Watch.

And the other reason why this next-gen watch from Samsung has been in the limelight is that Samsung has gone out of its way for taunting Apple. It has come out in the open and created several advertisements that show them both against each other.

From the field of smartphones, the batter has come to a next level as Samsung brings out Bixby smart speakers against Apple’s home pod and now the smartwatch.

What Has It Got?

samsung galaxy watch

From all that we have heard about it, the Galaxy Watch might have many attributes like that to the Apple smartwatches. The features like colour options, the connection to the mobile, and built-in smart assistant have been in Apple and Will be in the Galaxy Watch.

Its name suggests it is more in line with the Galaxy smartphones. Also, its display is of the same size as the gear sport which is 1.2-inches. The case measures a little over 2 inches by 1.7 inches.

The Galaxy Watch will have three colour variants- Silver, Gold, and Black. Well, we see another similarity to the Apple Watches that come in the same three colour variants.

It will run on Tizen 4.0 OS, Samsung’s smartwatch operating system which means it might have similar features as the Gear series. And by that, we mean music, alarms, notification and Samsung pay. Bixby will be its smart assistant instead of the S Voice feature.

Talking about the OS, rumours have been that Samsung will be using Google’s software in its all-new Galaxy Watch, or so the name suggested. But as we can see, it is not happening. Agreed that Tizen had limited functionality in its initial years, but it has come a long way. It has grown more feature-filled that was evident in Gear S3 and Gear Sport that were more usable.

We also hear that the Watch will have better battery life as compared to the Gear Series. Thanks to the larger battery, it can now have a few hours of extra battery life. S3 had 380-mAh battery while The Galaxy Watch will have a 470-mAh battery. Massive, isn’t it? The Watch might have a Panel Level Package (PLP) technology based chipset. This will mostly make the chip thinner, giving more space for the battery.

What Else?

Samsung can launch the Galaxy Watch in the United States and Canada. The Samsung’s next-gen watch will work with any carrier and have LTE support. It has been noticed that the Galaxy Watch will AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This indicates that either the Watch will be sold unlocked or through all four carriers.

The name will show at the back along with the model numbers SM-R815U and SM-R815W. These are the two models that will support LTE connectivity. The model number SM-R810 is a wifi only model. The other variants are SM-R800, SM-R805, and SM-R815.

All eyes are set on the Samsung’s new Galaxy Smartwatch and Note 9 as well. Note 9 has been piquing our interest for its redesigned S Pen stylus and that it could be last of the Note series.

Whatever said and done, the wait will be over soon for both Note 9 and Galaxy Watch. We can hope that it comes out as good as we think it will be. Both of them will be unveiled on August 9 but will be available for sale only from August 24. We are waiting with anxiety and excitement for the Samsung’s next-gen smartwatch.

Huawei TalkBand B5 : The Smartwatch With Pop-out Bluetooth Headset


Huawei is a Chinese tech-master. On July 18 it launched its new smartwatch TalkBand B5. The wearable has created a buzz in the market due to its design. What it has offered is entirely new and unique. Nothing like that has ever been seen in the market before.

All About The Bluetooth, err, The Smartwatch

Call it whatever you may like. This smartwatch from Huawei is creating sizzle due to its dual-feature. You can not just wear the device but also use it as a Bluetooth headset. And you don’t have to pin it in your ears for using it as your Bluetooth earpiece. It can sit on your wrist and work as the headset just fine.

It comes with  1.13-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with the resolution of 160 by 300 pixel. if your TalkBand B5 is lost, but is in the range of the Bluetooth, you can find with the Phone Finder feature.

Also, you can take pictures remotely through it using its Remote Shutter feature. The smartwatch also has health tracking features. It can keep an eye on your heart rate throughout the day. And its Trusleep tracks your sleep. So, you can now analyze your sleep pattern and know how poorly or how good your sleep is. Its sleep tracking feature is Harvard Medical School certified.

The watch is IP57 water- and dust-resistant. So no matter whether if you are washing your hands, or getting drenched in the rain or even playing in the snow, it will keep on doing its work.

Is The Bluetooth Headset Feature Any Good?

bluetooth headset

The usefulness of such things depends by and large on their ease of use. It allows you to perform simple phone calls. You can control the volume of the call easily, and it also offers the noise cancellation feature.

There is an opening on both sides of the watch case where you can store the buds. You can lock it in the watch by releasing the spring and click on it to remove the cap and reach for the buds. You can store the earphones in the watch band as alleged. Since you can always carry them without a hassle, you can always make calls and listen to the music.

And Other Features Are

Huawei has gone ahead with the design and has filed another patent. The patent says that this watch can read the patterns drawn at the back of your palm. So, if you want to write something in it, you don’t need a keypad or stylus. Simply draw the letter at the back of your hand and it will appear on the screen of your smartwatch magically.

Also, you can double tap or long press it to interact to your watch without touching it. And, the watch has eight sections of touch-sensitive bezels. You can tap and do something on each of them and can also use multiple bezels at a time and perform various actions. You can launch apps, zoom in and out and scroll through the menu.

What Is Expected Of It?

The watch is set to launch late this year or next year. Huawei has not confirmed the dates yet. But we have certain expectations for it other than what it is already offering.

The design of the original Huawei watch was beautiful while the Watch 2 wasn’t such an onlooker. So, we want the standard version to be slim and stylish, but not on the cost of its features.

Huawei Watch 2 was a little sluggish. We are looking for some power-packed performance from this one. After all, it is a cruel world with so many top watches fighting to make their place. And we also want a rotating bezel.

A little bigger screen would help as well. Since the previous version looked a little cramped and stuffed in its 1.2 inches of screen, we can do with 1.4 inches in this one.

Huawei Watch 2 had a design that didn’t allow users to use any or all standard straps. We would love to have that option in Watch 3. And we don’t want to stay connected to the charger all the time. It would be good if the battery is stronger and have a longer life.

In a Nutshell

Huawei Watch 3 with Bluetooth headset is a much-awaited set of gadget this year.

We are harbouring a lot of expectations from this Bluetooth headset smartwatch. Huawei could deliver all that it has promised along with what we are expecting; it is going to rule the market for sure.

Huawei has raised the bar of smartwatches with its techniques, and we are counting on it. We hope to see more advanced and user-friendly Smartwatches in the future.

For now, we are all too happy to settle with this one. We hope it receives a warm welcome and good words in its review after the launch.