Make Life Smarter With Nokia Steel HR: Hybrid Smartwatch With Classic Timepiece Design

Nokia Steel HR

Nowadays, many people want to wear a fitness tracker to keep track of their health and fitness. However, not every person needs a plastic, eye-catching device on their wrist.

Fitness trackers aren’t that attractive. Moreover, some people find it quite strange. But, what if the fitness tracker was built into a watch?

Nokia is one of the recognised company for smartphones and robust broadcast communication devices. Now, the organisation has set a nice balance in the digital marketing as well. Nokia has finally grasped the ‘connected health’ wearables trend.

Nokia is continuously offering and launching a number of Withing’s award-winning items. Some of which includes products items, for example, Nokia Steel HR activity tracking hybrid smartwatch.

A Quick Glance

People who want classic watch styling instead of a Fitbit or an Apple watch can opt for the hybrid smartwatch. The Steel HR includes an implicit heart-rate sensor. In addition, it boasts an OLED display which goes through various readout that involves step count, heart-rate, and many more.

Let’s Know About Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

In 2014 and 2015, Withing launched many versions of their Active activity tracker. Soon after, Nokia immediately discharged the Nokia Steel.

Generally, Nokia Steel is quite similar to Withing’s Activité line. Both the devices can automatically track activity and can be reset in new time zones.

The smartphone applications control the devices entirely and do not have any button. To monitor a user’s step goal progress, the Steel and Activité bragged a conventional watch face and a smaller dial. However,  users would need to look at their application for any extra data.

Withing kept on discharging devices under their name until June 2017.  Withing Steel HR is the device which is generally used to incorporate all of the features of its predecessors.

Afterwards, In December 2017 Nokia released their version of the Steel HR. The device is expected to move “…with you—from the workplace to the pool, to a major night out.”


The Steel HR looks like a watch-like fitness tracker. It is much similar to a classic watch you wear on the wrist. However, it is quite slimmer watch and has a top-notch outline.

The watch comes in two sizes –  40mm, and 36mm in two colours that is black and white.  It accompanies a smooth, fast release silicon lash.

The primary body of the watch is of steel, and the entire thing overall weighs 29g/39g.

nokia steel HR


Activity Tracking Feature

It comes with automatic sleep and activity tracking, walking, running, swimming, and a pack of different sports. Additionally, you can set daily activity goal in basic mode because the analogue dial will let you know your performance.

Moreover, you can set your preference on the OLED display with the help of the Withings app.

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the best features of Steel HR is the optical heart-rate monitor. This works in two different ways. In standard mode, it takes a perusing of your heart rate.

If you press and hold the watch button, the Steel HR jumps into exercise mode and provides you heart rate tracking until the point when you press the button once more.

Sleep Tracking Feature

Sleep tracking activity is an automatic feature on the Steel HR. It can track various sleep metrics, time to nod off,  time in bed, and so on.

Astounding Battery Life

The battery life of the Nokia steel HR is just incredible. It generally covers 25 days. Surely, it is something worth your time and money!

Software Specification

The Steel HR automatically syncs with the Health Mate platform, a comprehensive suite of applications. These incorporate activity tracking, diet, weight management, sleep, etc.

The vivid smartphone application, accessible for Android or iOS, is reflected in a web interface which allows you to see your health information in significantly more detail.

The Nokia Steel HR worth a look if you need a fitness tracker with the classic design.