Huawei TalkBand B5 : The Smartwatch With Pop-out Bluetooth Headset


Huawei is a Chinese tech-master. On July 18 it launched its new smartwatch TalkBand B5. The wearable has created a buzz in the market due to its design. What it has offered is entirely new and unique. Nothing like that has ever been seen in the market before.

All About The Bluetooth, err, The Smartwatch

Call it whatever you may like. This smartwatch from Huawei is creating sizzle due to its dual-feature. You can not just wear the device but also use it as a Bluetooth headset. And you don’t have to pin it in your ears for using it as your Bluetooth earpiece. It can sit on your wrist and work as the headset just fine.

It comes with  1.13-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with the resolution of 160 by 300 pixel. if your TalkBand B5 is lost, but is in the range of the Bluetooth, you can find with the Phone Finder feature.

Also, you can take pictures remotely through it using its Remote Shutter feature. The smartwatch also has health tracking features. It can keep an eye on your heart rate throughout the day. And its Trusleep tracks your sleep. So, you can now analyze your sleep pattern and know how poorly or how good your sleep is. Its sleep tracking feature is Harvard Medical School certified.

The watch is IP57 water- and dust-resistant. So no matter whether if you are washing your hands, or getting drenched in the rain or even playing in the snow, it will keep on doing its work.

Is The Bluetooth Headset Feature Any Good?

bluetooth headset

The usefulness of such things depends by and large on their ease of use. It allows you to perform simple phone calls. You can control the volume of the call easily, and it also offers the noise cancellation feature.

There is an opening on both sides of the watch case where you can store the buds. You can lock it in the watch by releasing the spring and click on it to remove the cap and reach for the buds. You can store the earphones in the watch band as alleged. Since you can always carry them without a hassle, you can always make calls and listen to the music.

And Other Features Are

Huawei has gone ahead with the design and has filed another patent. The patent says that this watch can read the patterns drawn at the back of your palm. So, if you want to write something in it, you don’t need a keypad or stylus. Simply draw the letter at the back of your hand and it will appear on the screen of your smartwatch magically.

Also, you can double tap or long press it to interact to your watch without touching it. And, the watch has eight sections of touch-sensitive bezels. You can tap and do something on each of them and can also use multiple bezels at a time and perform various actions. You can launch apps, zoom in and out and scroll through the menu.

What Is Expected Of It?

The watch is set to launch late this year or next year. Huawei has not confirmed the dates yet. But we have certain expectations for it other than what it is already offering.

The design of the original Huawei watch was beautiful while the Watch 2 wasn’t such an onlooker. So, we want the standard version to be slim and stylish, but not on the cost of its features.

Huawei Watch 2 was a little sluggish. We are looking for some power-packed performance from this one. After all, it is a cruel world with so many top watches fighting to make their place. And we also want a rotating bezel.

A little bigger screen would help as well. Since the previous version looked a little cramped and stuffed in its 1.2 inches of screen, we can do with 1.4 inches in this one.

Huawei Watch 2 had a design that didn’t allow users to use any or all standard straps. We would love to have that option in Watch 3. And we don’t want to stay connected to the charger all the time. It would be good if the battery is stronger and have a longer life.

In a Nutshell

Huawei Watch 3 with Bluetooth headset is a much-awaited set of gadget this year.

We are harbouring a lot of expectations from this Bluetooth headset smartwatch. Huawei could deliver all that it has promised along with what we are expecting; it is going to rule the market for sure.

Huawei has raised the bar of smartwatches with its techniques, and we are counting on it. We hope to see more advanced and user-friendly Smartwatches in the future.

For now, we are all too happy to settle with this one. We hope it receives a warm welcome and good words in its review after the launch.