Best Application You Can Download And Install For Your Wear OS SmartWatch

Wear OS

Technology is running ahead these days with fast pacing innovation. It is connecting us with people but at the same time making us dependent on it. Revolutionary technologies are coming up every day. This is changing the way we utilize a certain gadget accordingly.

Watches have been traditionally known to show time. Though the basic purpose of a watch now is still the same, yet a watch is capable of doing wonders. From checking the weather to keeping track of your work out, a smartwatch can do everything.

Wear OS: The Wonders It Can Do

Wear OS

A wear OS is a successor to Android Wear. This OS is designed by Google exclusively for smartwatches and other wearables. Wear OS was released in 2014 and took the market with a storm.

Wear OS has Google assistant. That is, it is capable of checking the weather, setting a reminder, and providing maps and directions too.

Accordingly, you can set your meeting timings, grocery list and check emails with a smartwatch. Even you can do online transaction by using your watch.

Further, if you are into fitness, then a Wear OS will definitely win you over. It can keep track of your workout, set a routine, and notify when to start.

Wear OS is not just your fitness partner but your health too. You can use health Apps to motivate you and take care of you.

Therefore, a Wear OS is no less than your smartphone. It is a tiny assistance as well as your companion at work and gym. In addition, you can download and stream music with it. All of this comes without any compromising the style.

If you are already into wear OS then you might want to know about the best apps now. Choosing the correct Apps from the bunch can be quite confusing.

So, in case you are having difficulties in figuring out which Apps are the one for you, then go through this article and find out the 10 best apps for your Wear OS.

Never Lose Your Way Again With Citymapper

If you strapped a Wear OS on your wrist then you definitely want to install maps. The last thing a person wants is to get lost in the middle of a city.

You can download Citymapper. It is your ultimate travel guide. This app not only shows maps and routes but also gives an overall real-time traffic update.

Foursquare City Guide: Explorer’s Pick

If you have a spirit of adventure and love to find out about new and exciting places then Foursquare City Guide is a must-have for you.

You can get help from reliable people and keep track of the places you are going. This app allows you to keep a history of the places you’ve been, explore and make a list of the occasions.

Google Keep: For The Busy Bees

If you are too busy to keep track of your activities then Google Keep is your saviour. This app offers a note-taking service along with reminders. And the best thing is you can sync it with your smartphone. So, you now can check your to-do list without wasting time.

Google Pay: Your Digital Wallet

We all rely way too much on online transaction these days. Google pay is a platform for online transaction. You can do online transaction by using this safe and reliable app. The bonus is, it is pre-installed in your smartwatch. Therefore, make payment with Google Pay from your smartwatch and enjoy the privileges of technology.

Hole 19: Replace your Golf Watch

Good news for Golf players. You don’t have to buy a dedicated golf watch anymore. Simply install the Hole 19 app and turn your Wear OS into a golf watch.

From keeping track of your score to sharing it with your friends, this app got everything covered. Further, it comes with a built-in GPS and database of golf course around the globe.

Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

Pill Reminder and Medication tracker is a healthcare companion by Medisafe. If you often forget to take your medicines, then this app can help you. It will remind you of your medication as well as track your health. Further, you can add the medications of your loved ones in this app.

Runkeeper: The Fitness Tracker

You no longer need your smartphone to keep track of your workout. Install Runkeeper and turn your Wear OS into your new fitness tracker.

This app keeps records of your overall running tracks, including pace, distance covered together with your heart rate. You can select a training plan and check your progress. Hence, Runkeeper is a complete fitness guide and a must-have.

Strava: Your Workout Partner

strava app

Strava is another fitness tracker for your Wear OS. You can keep track of running, swimming, cycling, etc with this app. The best thing about Strava is it’s not dependent on your smartphone.

Rather, you can use your Strava account to keep track of your workouts. Additionally, you can add your existing tracking data and check the progress.

Water Drink Reminder

Water is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We often forget to drink a sufficient amount of water and harm our body. You can install Water Drink Reminder app in your wear OS and leave the calculations on it.

This app will remind you to drink the proper amount of water on time. Besides, it will show you a report at the end of the day.

Wear Audio Recorder

We often go to meetings, interviews, seminar, etc and forget to record the important stuff. You can simply install Wear Audio Recorder and easily record audio. Also, you can sync it with Google drive and transfer the information easily.

Once you make your Wear OS your new buddy, you need some apps on the go. There are many more apps available for smartwatches. However, these 10 are must-haves. So, install them and enjoy the gift of technology.