Top 5 Apple Watch Apps That Can Simplify Your Workday

apple watch apps

From students to business professionals, Apple Watch is a popular choice for several customers. It has crushed the sales figures of all competing smartwatches. Apart from the regular phone call and texting facilities, Apple Watch provides you with incredible fitness features. It is straightforward to use, and you can customize it by enabling some brilliant applications. However, it’s often tough to browse through millions of apps and choose the best for your android watch.  Moreover, watchOS is still underdeveloped and therefore, you need to spend some time looking for the perfect apps.

It is especially troublesome for business pundits who are generally busy. It’s hard for you to locate the apps that optimize your Apple Watch and make your workday easier. Therefore, go through this article to know about the top 5 efficient apps for your watch.

Leading 5 apps that make your day effortless

Unfortunately, several apps are not yet featured in the Watch app. Instead, you have to look for them in the iOS App Store. Without a doubt, this can be a challenging process. Therefore, make sure you have the following the applications for productive work output.

Drafts 5

apple watch apps

Does your job require you to take notes continuously? Running out of paper or battery of your iPhone is not an issue anymore. Say hello to Drafts 5, your free app that takes notes. With this, you can quickly take down notes right on your wrist. All you need to do is open the microphone and dictate your note. After that, you need to tap when done and see the record in the inbox.

What’s best about Drafts 5 is its simplicity. Also, you hardly need iOS for sorting the notes

Pocket pinch?

Well, Drafts 5 is a free upgrade to the earlier Drafts 4 version. However, you need to get the latter from App Store at $4.99. This is indeed a good buy that comes with several premium features


If you are a part of the tech space, you know the essence of time more than anyone. Admittedly, it’s often difficult to keep track of time. Thankfully, Hours does that for you. It is a fantastic time-tracking app that is indeed a saviour to your forgetful mind.

In case you are scheduling specific events or activities, Hours reminds you to kickoff or stop timers.

Also, the useful app can automatically sync all your entries. However, you need to pay around $7.99 a month for this. Although this monthly subscription could hurt you, it is still worth the cost.


Never heard of it?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free web service that coordinates all your apps and devices. Indeed, getting this application on your wrist is one of your best decisions.

With IFTTT, you can automate internet-application tasks. For example, you can quickly share the same content across diverse social media platforms. Again, IT professionals can easily track the mention of their companies.

Therefore, get this app for free and take your Apple Watch to the next level.


This era is all about the fast and the furious. You are witnessing a radical increase in the number of businesses and startups globally. Therefore, the collaboration of people from different corners of the world is a must. Add this function to your smartwatch and conquer the market. Wondering how is this possible?

Circa allows you to take a look at work schedules in the global scene. By specifying the name of the city and time, you can quickly check what your colleagues abroad are doing.

Dent in the purse?

In comparison to what Circa offers, $3.99 is an entirely reasonable amount. No matter what the time is or where you are, this app surely makes your day-to-day life smooth and straightforward.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The corporate world and powerpoint presentations are an immortal couple. Often, your boss asks you to deliver a presentation on a short notice. On top of that, presentation remotes are highly unreliable. A stalled slide can potentially halt your career. Well, you can end all your troubles by enabling this fascinating app on your Apple Watch.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most dependable remote that lets you start or end a presentation. Also, you can quickly advance or reverse slides according to your need.

Make the most of your Apple Watch

Professionals who use this hi-tech android watch swear by the apps mentioned in this article. In fact, you shouldn’t even begin your workday without enabling these applications. Brilliant and useful, these are sure to enhance the activity of your watch.

Old things gradually waste away. However, your Apple Watch never gets old as these apps take you to new beginnings in your career.