Emporio Armani Smartwatch: How Armani Blended Technology And Trend

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

Today we can mark the presence of technology in every aspect of our life. The new age smartwatch is one such example. It’s not only about mixing the technology into trends but also mingle the same into our lifestyle. Emporio Armani is well-known for its trending innovation in the field of wearable smartwatches. Now they are back with another design. The product looks stunning as the previous release.

The change is not the only changing elements, as this creation by Armani has the perfect technology to back up its cool look.

However, if you are expecting some new system changes, then you may feel disappointed at this point. As they are not changing their platform. For this trending series, they are going with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 just like their previous release.

What’s New To This Edition

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

What new things that can be expected from the Emporio Armani New SmartWatch?

Surely, if you are fitness crazy, then this will surely fill your face with smiles. At the back of the case, there is a heart rate sensor which will continuously monitor your heart rate. This will surely help you picture your fitness, calory burning rate during the workout.

The watch is also packed with inbuilt GPS technology. So, you don’t always need your phone to help you navigate the location. You can find out the exact spot where you are and the site you want to travel.

Another key factor, now in this release Armani is introducing NFC technology. NFC is a short-range high-frequency data transmission technology. Which you can use the feature in the context of Google Play.

Water resistance technology is finally upgraded, so that means you can now swim wearing the watch too. Even though this feature sounds familiar for Smartwatch. Sadly, the fashion brands who are also making the smartwatches, they don’t actually include this technology.

Why Should You Have A Emporio Armani SmartWatch?

It is understandable that all the smartwatch available on the market more or less have the same feature. What makes this product special?

You can find the features in other brands, but the style you are looking for, you will find only with Emporio Armani Connected. The watch is designed well with the black theme. The slim and rounded dial gives it an astonishing look.

The company has designed the watch keeping the 2018 fashion trend. So it means this will surely grab the attention. Moreover, the case is made of pure stainless steel, which is available in silver, grey,  gold, or black in colour. Attached with either, Monolink Bracelet, leather strap.

Adding more details to the look, they have designed the watch dial in a rounded shape with an Armani Brand logo in the centre of the dial. The case is extended in the form of Horn, so that, the strap can be attached to it.

Instead of connecting the strap to the first dial, inclined to the bottom of the dial, to give a more decent look. The looks make the statement clear that only a digital display can be portrayed like that. With the EA logo in the centre, your peer will know that fact how particular about your choice and class of course matters.

Final Thought

When it comes to choosing between one of the colours available. You surely will face some difficulties. Both the colour looks attractive, black gives you the classy look while the silver looks decent.

The operating system you will find Google’s Wear OS Operating System for the watch. However, the internal detail is still not revealed publically, for instance, the case size, the RAM or even the internal storage of the watch. Most importantly, the battery life of the watch is still in the question.

The price range is not known yet, but you can get the base range at about $395. Technically speaking, you can expect an upgraded one at around this price tag. You can even order your Emporio Armani Smartwatch from the online store.