Download The Best Fitbit Apps and Watch Faces For Your Fitbit Smart Watch

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Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Verse are handy and daring smartwatches. Why daring? Well, competing with Apple and Google is admittedly difficult. In spite of that, the Fitbit Ionic is off to a great start. It is geared with its very own operating system that’s called Fitbit OS. Although the company is relatively new, it is gradually taking over the fitness world. Also, the perks of Fitbit are available to kids and adults alike.

Of course, Fitbit has a lot to learn from other leading platforms like Apple. However, you can find some big names as you browse through apps in the Fitbit store. Moreover, there are a wide array of watch faces that you can choose from. Hence, go through this article and know about the best apps and watch faces for your Fitbit smartwatch.

Remarkable Fitbit Apps

By enabling some brilliant apps in your watch, you can get the best of everything. From finding out a restaurant in your budget to getting news updates, you can bring the smart in your smartwatch.


Imagine your fitness watch giving you control over home appliances. With Switchr, you can precisely do that.

This app has the advantages of IFTTT (If This Then That) and lets you manage smart home devices. For example, you can open the garage door by merely tapping on the watch screen. How cool is that?


fitbit apps

Arguably, this is one of the best apps for syncing your fitness records. This brilliantly coded application has an exciting feature- Matched Runs.

When you go about the same route, Strava gives your stats from the earlier attempts. This is highly motivating and makes you push yourself harder to achieve your fitness goals.


People keep forgetting cards with barcodes. In case you misplaced your gym membership card, no need to panic anymore. You now have Barcode that makes your life easier.

With Barcode, you can create scannable barcodes by inputting five digits on your watch. Also, the app is compatible with UPC-A (Universal Product Code). Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any barcodes in the UK and America.

Other interesting Fitbit apps

Apart from the apps mentioned in the article, you have several different options to enhance the activity of your watch.

  • RHR Report
  • FindMyCar
  • Virtual Partner
  • ThinkFast
  • TreasureTrek

Now, let’s move on to the watch faces that you should consider while customizing your watch.

Fitbit| Impressive Watch Faces

Your watch face is symbolic of your style statement. Therefore, you want to make the perfect choice regarding this. Good for you, there is more than one option in store for you.

You have a wide range of digital and analogue designs. Also, you get some leftfield designs that go well with your personality. For some users, looks are as important as performance. Therefore, take a look at the given list.

My Dog Timmy

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love dogs and puppies. In fact, people look for adorable pictures of dogs that they keep as wallpapers. So, why not on your watch face?

My Dog Timmy is your digital pet. To keep it alive, you need to accomplish your step goals. You get a great watch face AND the inspiration to stay healthy.


If you are making a list of cool watch faces, StepVerse claims the top spot.

You get a  Mario Kart -style map that shows you the coordinates of your friends. Apart from competing with them, you can also check each other’s activities and progress.

Line Progress

Looking for visual representations of your progress?  With Line Progress, you get your progress report right on your wrist. Fascinatingly, you can track up to four data points in time. This helps you plan your next steps for achieving your fitness goals.

Endless possibilities for you

You can also consider the following options while choosing the best watch face for your Fitbit device.

  • StepCounter
  • The Shia
  • CDF Digital Classic
  • Binary

Download the best for your smartwatch

Innovations and technology go hand in hand. To be more precise, purchasing a device is not the end of the journey. You need to continuously update and upgrade your Fitbit smartwatch for 100% user satisfaction.

Therefore, accessorize your Fitbit with useful apps and take the edge with stylish watch faces.

Watch out for the best for your watch!