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Emporio Armani Smartwatch: How Armani Blended Technology And Trend

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

Today we can mark the presence of technology in every aspect of our life. The new age smartwatch is one such example. It’s not only about mixing the technology into trends but also mingle the same into our lifestyle. Emporio Armani is well-known for its trending innovation in the field of wearable smartwatches. Now they are back with another design. The product looks stunning as the previous release.

The change is not the only changing elements, as this creation by Armani has the perfect technology to back up its cool look.

However, if you are expecting some new system changes, then you may feel disappointed at this point. As they are not changing their platform. For this trending series, they are going with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 just like their previous release.

What’s New To This Edition

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

What new things that can be expected from the Emporio Armani New SmartWatch?

Surely, if you are fitness crazy, then this will surely fill your face with smiles. At the back of the case, there is a heart rate sensor which will continuously monitor your heart rate. This will surely help you picture your fitness, calory burning rate during the workout.

The watch is also packed with inbuilt GPS technology. So, you don’t always need your phone to help you navigate the location. You can find out the exact spot where you are and the site you want to travel.

Another key factor, now in this release Armani is introducing NFC technology. NFC is a short-range high-frequency data transmission technology. Which you can use the feature in the context of Google Play.

Water resistance technology is finally upgraded, so that means you can now swim wearing the watch too. Even though this feature sounds familiar for Smartwatch. Sadly, the fashion brands who are also making the smartwatches, they don’t actually include this technology.

Why Should You Have A Emporio Armani SmartWatch?

It is understandable that all the smartwatch available on the market more or less have the same feature. What makes this product special?

You can find the features in other brands, but the style you are looking for, you will find only with Emporio Armani Connected. The watch is designed well with the black theme. The slim and rounded dial gives it an astonishing look.

The company has designed the watch keeping the 2018 fashion trend. So it means this will surely grab the attention. Moreover, the case is made of pure stainless steel, which is available in silver, grey,  gold, or black in colour. Attached with either, Monolink Bracelet, leather strap.

Adding more details to the look, they have designed the watch dial in a rounded shape with an Armani Brand logo in the centre of the dial. The case is extended in the form of Horn, so that, the strap can be attached to it.

Instead of connecting the strap to the first dial, inclined to the bottom of the dial, to give a more decent look. The looks make the statement clear that only a digital display can be portrayed like that. With the EA logo in the centre, your peer will know that fact how particular about your choice and class of course matters.

Final Thought

When it comes to choosing between one of the colours available. You surely will face some difficulties. Both the colour looks attractive, black gives you the classy look while the silver looks decent.

The operating system you will find Google’s Wear OS Operating System for the watch. However, the internal detail is still not revealed publically, for instance, the case size, the RAM or even the internal storage of the watch. Most importantly, the battery life of the watch is still in the question.

The price range is not known yet, but you can get the base range at about $395. Technically speaking, you can expect an upgraded one at around this price tag. You can even order your Emporio Armani Smartwatch from the online store.


Best Smartwatches Android and iPhone Fans Are Going to Love in 2018


Smartwatches have advanced altogether in unimaginable ways. And so, quantum devices are on a boost. We never thought smartwatches getting incorporated with the latest technology.

What can smartwatches not do? Tricks such as enabling GPS, tracking your exercise, voice command, etc. are easier now.

We all know that wearable technology is still is not in equilibrium with smartphones. They surely have a long way to do. However, recent changes have compelled me to write this blog for you

Lets us look at the top best smartwatches for Android and iPhone.

Apple Watch series 3

Apple Watch series 3 is the best smartwatch available in the market nowadays. It is same as Apple Watch series 2, but the upgraded version comes with enhanced features and significant hardware changes. Of course, this optimized the performance and the efficiency.

The technology used for GPS in Apple Watch Series 3 is outstanding as compared to others smartwatches. It can track walk, run on just a simple click without involving to a smartphone.

For our generation, the Apple Watch series 3 has added some rather significant changes. So, it has LTE as an option which uses a small electronic sim rather than a big sim card.

Ticwatch E

It is an excellent smartwatch that comes under the budget-oriented list of smartwatches. Ticwatch E comes with a full OLED screen and HR sensor. This HR sensor can calculate your heartbeat on the go. GPS system that can track your daily records.

It is water resistant; so, you no need to worry about your smartwatch even if it is wet. It also has a good battery life up to 1.5 or 2 days.

It is made up of polycarbonate plastic, not from steel. In spite of metallic hardware, it is the best smartwatch that comes under the budget segment.

Fitbit Versa

fitbit versa

Finally, Fitbit has released its new product Fitbit Versa after years of wait. Fitbit Versa’s out of the box comes with free space of 2.5 GB of storage for music and battery life. The battery life of this smartwatch is around 3 days which is quite interesting.

If you are looking for a basic smartwatch, then Fitbit Versa would be your choice. It doesn’t have a GPS system. However, it is the best for the basic operation like wireless payments, music,  tracking daily records, and receiving notification. It has a smart light that can enable right from your wrist.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

As we know Samsung uses super AMOLED screen on their smartphone’s screen. When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung has done the same. By utilizing an AMOLED screen, users can smoothly operate their smartwatches even in high sunlight.

The user interface is also easy to operate and it builds around the round bezels of the smartwatch. The battery life is also durable as compared to other smart watches. It usually gives around 3-4 days of battery life.

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935 is the best smartwatch for Athletes. It delivers notifications and weather reports on a single click. You can also listen to music and do a lot to stuff by connecting to the IQ app store.

Most of the apps installed on it are sports oriented. However, it has simples games and digital services too. This smartwatch is best suited for athletes.

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 is simple and most complete felling smartwatch with great features and solid design. It has a good GPS for sports tracking with 2 days of battery backup.

It has 24/7 heartbeat tracker where users can easily monitor his/her heartbeat. There is also a 4G option available in the watch for those were willing to pay more.

However, Huawei Watch 2 is the standard level smartwatch for the users those were willing to buy a good smartwatch in the medium budget. Worth your shot, trust me!

Timex IQ+Move

Timex IQ+Move looks and feel like a simple analogue watch. It will track your steps and monitor your sleep.

There is a dedicated dial for notifying your steps and to show your distance. This smartwatch can sync the whole data with your smartphone. There are hidden LEDs which will glow after pressing one button.

Fitbit lonic

Fitbit logic is the best alternative for Google and Apple smartwatches. It has own app store and apps installed on it.

It has an excellent battery backup for 4 days and a bight and sharp screen. The GPS using in Fitbit lonic is accurate, and we can easily use it for cycle tracks.

So that’s it, some of the best smartwatches for you. Hope I helped you in choosing your smartphone. So, why don’t you carry the world on your wrist today?

Download The Best Fitbit Apps and Watch Faces For Your Fitbit Smart Watch

fitbit apps

Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Verse are handy and daring smartwatches. Why daring? Well, competing with Apple and Google is admittedly difficult. In spite of that, the Fitbit Ionic is off to a great start. It is geared with its very own operating system that’s called Fitbit OS. Although the company is relatively new, it is gradually taking over the fitness world. Also, the perks of Fitbit are available to kids and adults alike.

Of course, Fitbit has a lot to learn from other leading platforms like Apple. However, you can find some big names as you browse through apps in the Fitbit store. Moreover, there are a wide array of watch faces that you can choose from. Hence, go through this article and know about the best apps and watch faces for your Fitbit smartwatch.

Remarkable Fitbit Apps

By enabling some brilliant apps in your watch, you can get the best of everything. From finding out a restaurant in your budget to getting news updates, you can bring the smart in your smartwatch.


Imagine your fitness watch giving you control over home appliances. With Switchr, you can precisely do that.

This app has the advantages of IFTTT (If This Then That) and lets you manage smart home devices. For example, you can open the garage door by merely tapping on the watch screen. How cool is that?


fitbit apps

Arguably, this is one of the best apps for syncing your fitness records. This brilliantly coded application has an exciting feature- Matched Runs.

When you go about the same route, Strava gives your stats from the earlier attempts. This is highly motivating and makes you push yourself harder to achieve your fitness goals.


People keep forgetting cards with barcodes. In case you misplaced your gym membership card, no need to panic anymore. You now have Barcode that makes your life easier.

With Barcode, you can create scannable barcodes by inputting five digits on your watch. Also, the app is compatible with UPC-A (Universal Product Code). Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any barcodes in the UK and America.

Other interesting Fitbit apps

Apart from the apps mentioned in the article, you have several different options to enhance the activity of your watch.

  • RHR Report
  • FindMyCar
  • Virtual Partner
  • ThinkFast
  • TreasureTrek

Now, let’s move on to the watch faces that you should consider while customizing your watch.

Fitbit| Impressive Watch Faces

Your watch face is symbolic of your style statement. Therefore, you want to make the perfect choice regarding this. Good for you, there is more than one option in store for you.

You have a wide range of digital and analogue designs. Also, you get some leftfield designs that go well with your personality. For some users, looks are as important as performance. Therefore, take a look at the given list.

My Dog Timmy

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love dogs and puppies. In fact, people look for adorable pictures of dogs that they keep as wallpapers. So, why not on your watch face?

My Dog Timmy is your digital pet. To keep it alive, you need to accomplish your step goals. You get a great watch face AND the inspiration to stay healthy.


If you are making a list of cool watch faces, StepVerse claims the top spot.

You get a  Mario Kart -style map that shows you the coordinates of your friends. Apart from competing with them, you can also check each other’s activities and progress.

Line Progress

Looking for visual representations of your progress?  With Line Progress, you get your progress report right on your wrist. Fascinatingly, you can track up to four data points in time. This helps you plan your next steps for achieving your fitness goals.

Endless possibilities for you

You can also consider the following options while choosing the best watch face for your Fitbit device.

  • StepCounter
  • The Shia
  • CDF Digital Classic
  • Binary

Download the best for your smartwatch

Innovations and technology go hand in hand. To be more precise, purchasing a device is not the end of the journey. You need to continuously update and upgrade your Fitbit smartwatch for 100% user satisfaction.

Therefore, accessorize your Fitbit with useful apps and take the edge with stylish watch faces.

Watch out for the best for your watch!

Apple WatchOS 5- Adding the Power And Communication Feature

watchOS 5

Apple previewed the watchOS 5 on June 4th. This is a significant update to the Apple watches, the most significant watches in the world. With this new addition, Apple watch has become an even better companion for us.

Communication, fitness, and quick access to information have been the positives for Apple watches always. And now with the added features, it is about to revolutionize the way people look at watches.

What’s new with WatchOS 5?

With watchOS 5, following new features are added to the Apple watches:

  • Auto-workout detection,
  • Walkie-Talkie,  
  • Activity Sharing competitions,
  • Advanced running features,
  • Third-party apps on the Siri watch face, and
  • Apple Podcasts are the newly added features.

Let’s take a look into these features.

Auto-workout Detection

This feature tells you to begin the correct workout and gives ex-post facto credit. It also reminds you to end workout sessions if you aren’t active for some time if you forget.


WatchOS 5

With the feature of the walkie-talkie, Apple has introduced a new way of voice communication. All you have to do is tap on your wrist. You can now stay connected with friends and family. The watch to watch connection is speedy and personal. You can activate it between the users of compatible Apple watches over wifi or cellular network.

Activity Sharing competitions

Fitness tracking just went a notch higher with activity sharing competition. Invite another Apple watch users to compete with this feature. You can create a seven-day activity competition and earn points for closing each activity rings. Also, you can receive coaching notifications to stay engaged for the week and win it.

Advanced Running Features

If you are a running enthusiast, this feature is meant for you. This high-performance feature comes with a new cadence metric for both indoor and outdoor walks and run. It also has a new pace alarm to tell you when you are ahead or behind your designated target pace. With the new rolling mile pace metric, you can now see your pace for the immediately preceding mile along with your average and current speed.

Updates for Siri

You will now have a more efficient personal assistant in Siri with more predictive and proactive shortcuts for the day based on your routine. Along with that, Siri will now be able to do a lot more like telling you the commute time with Maps and sports scores for a favourite team. It will also be able to give biometric information after a workout like heart rate. Siri watch face will also show contents that are actionable from your favourite apps.

Apple Podcast

With Watch OS 5, Apple has brought your favourite podcasts to you even on the go. You can use Siri to stream any listed podcast. The episodes will automatically sync to your watch, just like any other device. The Apple podcast app will add the fresh episodes on its own.  You can also playback offline music, audiobooks and meditation sessions from specific apps without having your iPhone nearby.

Student ID

Even the student ID has been revolutionized with this update. Now, the students with Apple watches can gain access to places with a rise of the wrist. These places include the library, events, and dorms. You can also add your ID cards to the wallet and pay for the snacks, dinner, and laundry around the campus. However, this feature is limited to specific to certain universities.

The pride Edition

You can also download new watch face from the gallery to celebrate pride. It has updated its Woven Nylon band of the pride edition with new rainbow stripes, making donations to certain organizations.

Availability of the Update

The update is available for the developers as of now. But if you aren’t a developer, you will have to wait until September to use these features. The date is not confirmed yet.

Also, these features might differ from countries. Some of them might not be available everywhere.

You will be able to update your Apple watch series 1 and later versions. However, it will support the original Apple watch. If you have iOS 11.4 and watchOS 4.3.1, you can download the watch face.

The updates sound fantastic and every Apple watch user around the world is eagerly waiting for it to be rolled out,  and make their life easier.

Apple Smart Watch Tips And Tricks To Make Good Use Of Your Watch

apple smartwatch

The big surprise comes in little packages; Apple Smartwatch comes with a lot of tiny surprises.

It has something for everyone, starting with direct messaging, to the advanced fitness tracker, also the productivity measurement. Name it, and the product has it for you.

There are a lot of smartwatch brands out there, featuring a bundle of technique some might attract you, while some might stay in the dark.

Apple smartwatch is not an exception. However, not all the Apple Watch feature and tricks are easily accessible from the very beginning. Now the brand is coming up with a new product Apple Watch Series – 3 which is filled with a lot of tricks, can be available for the users from the get-go.

Here are the lists of tips and tricks for Apple Watch, that will make help you get the most out of your iWatch.

1. Find Your iPhone Using Apple Watch

You can use your iWatch to find out your iPhone in case you lost it. The watch sends a pinging alert to help you find your iPhone when you unable to locate your phone. You can access the feature by swiping up the screen form the bottom and then you will see a ringing phone button tap the button the feature will activate.

If you want to put a little extra effort finding your phone, then hold the button. It will make your iPhone’s screen go flash off.

2. Customise Your Apple SmartWatch Face

With this Apple smartwatch, now you can customize your Apple watch face with ease. Once you find the face you want to customize, press and hold in the centre of the face. This feature is well known as Force Touch.

When you hold the screen, you will see a Customize button. Now you will be able to customize your watch face. For instance, you can add different widgets to your face, like weather, calendar, music, etc. You can even change the colour of the face.

3. Time Travel Feature On Apple Watch

apple smartwatch

This feature lets you see the upcoming events on your calendar.  With this feature, you can access the schedule quickly. To watch every event on your calendar rapidly by jumping ahead of timeline, you can use watch’s crown scrolling. When you are done seeing the events click on the crown to go back to the present.

To activate the feature go to your watch app on your phone. Go to clock and tap time travel it will enable the function.

4. Silent Your Watch Covering With Your Hand

Try Apple’s Cover To Mute option to easily silent your Apple SmartWatch. Next time, when you need to mute your alarm all you need to do cover your entire watch with your hand. After three seconds of covering your watch, you should feel a vibration, it means, the watch is in silent mode.

Go to your watch app on your phone and then tap on the Sound & Haptic then tap on Cover to mute option.

5. Take A Screenshot OF Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot on Apple watch is easy, all you need to do, press both the button on the right side of the watch. By doing so, your screenshot will be saved on the photo folder of your iPhone.

6. Check The Time Without Illuminating The Screen

Sometimes we struggle to check the time when we are in the middle of a meeting. Apple watch’s this feature surely will help you out in this situation. Now when you need to check your time, just lift the crown a bit, and the screen will start to glow. This way you can watch the time without entirely illuminating the entire watch screen.

7. Flip Your Apple Watch Around

If you are left-handed, then Apple did remember you. To flip the watch, go to your Apple SmartWatch app on your iPhone, then go to the General the navigate to the watch orientation. Now you will see the option to wear the watch on your right wrist and simultaneously flip the watch around so the watch crown will be outside.

8. Turn The Flash to Red On Your Apple Watch

If you want to use watch’s flashlight, there is an option to access the same too. However, there is a feature for you, when you don’t want the light too bright, Apple watch has a setting for the same as well. Navigate to the control centre then enable the flashlight from there and then swipe to the left of the screen until you find the red colour screen.

9. Use Force Touch To Clear Out All the Apple Watch Notification

Apple Watch has a quick trick to clear out all the notification with just a tap. Pull down the screen from the top, to view the notification. Then touch in the middle of the screen to force stop the notification. You should see an X mark saying clear all. Click on that to close all the notification at once.

10. Organize Your Apple Watch  App

You can easily organize the App for quick access to the application. Apple automatically categorizes the application in honeycomb layout, when you open the apps in Apple Watch. Again if you want to change the position of the applications, then you can force touch them to move them to your desired position.

apple watch apps

11. Change the App Layout entirely

Since watch OS 4 came out, you don’t have to see all your application in honeycomb layout. Now Apple gives you the option to change to arrange the application in a list view mode.

Press the Crown once, when all app icon appears to force touch on the centre of the screen. At this point, you should see the option “Grid View” or “List View” chose the option accordingly.

12. Nightstand Mode

If you don’t like wearing the watch at night, then you can also use the watch for a different purpose, as a bedside clock.

Place the watch on the charging dock then turn the watch on its side. The Screen will horizontally flip, displaying the time in the large display along with day and date.  

To Conclude

So these are trick you can use to use your Apple Watch to its optimum level. There are other tricks too. For more information about the tricks and its utilization, you can comment down below. It would be nice to hear back from you.  


Get the most out of Fitbit Versa -Your Fitness Friend

fitbit versa

Fitbit has captured a chunk of the fitness band market and Fitbit Versa is even better than Fitbit’s most iconic bands.

It is aimed at attracting the mass and hence carries no competition with smartwatch makers like Apple. Users find Fitbit Versa more suited to gentle wrists although the brand has never touted it as women’s watch.

So, if you are a proud owner, or planning to be one, you will find this article helpful. We are going to tell you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your Fitbit Versa.

The Buttons

Buttons always come in handy in gadgets and Versa has three.  One of them stays on the left while the other two are on the right side. You can control the top-left app in the app dock and see your notifications with the top-right button.  To look at your notifications, you will have to long press the button.

Use the bottom-right button to control the lower left corner of the dock. The button on the left is the back button. You can also go to quick settings by long pressing it. Music controls, Fitbit Pay and quick toggles for notifications and auto-wake can be controlled from quick settings.

Use The Gestures

You can use three gestures to communicate with Fitbit Versa. You can use Swipe up to see today’s feeds with tips of the day and statistics. Swipe down for the notifications, and you can check your app dock by swiping left. There is no swiping right gesture.

Take Advantage of Today View

Today view helps you access your everyday statistics by swiping up. Here, you can get tips to stay motivated. It gives you the hourly step count, resting heartbeat rate, daily stats, etc. Swipe left for obtaining each of these pieces of information.

Installing Watch Faces and Apps

Fitbit has two different stores from where you can download the apps and watch faces. Open the app on your phone and choose the apps or the look you want to download.

fitbit versa

Changing and Customising the Clock Face

If you don’t already know, you can also change the face of the clock in Fitbit Versa. Launch the Fitbit app and click on the icon of Versa. Go to the clock faces and select All clocks option. Pick the clock face you want and tap on the select button. Let your device vibrate after the loading is done, and the clock face is changed.

You can also customize the clock face by clicking the small customizable icon on the bottom right of the face. When you click on the icon, you will see a cogwheel, tap on that. You will find the setting options for your clock face.

Repositioning the Apps

Swipe left to get your installed apps for starting the reshuffling. Press and hold down the app icon that you want to shift until your band vibrates a little. Now drag and drop it to the position you want. For moving it to the other screen, drag it till the edge, and when the screen changes, release it.

Enjoy the Music

If you want to have songs for your workout or when travelling, you can use your Fitbit Versa. You can store up to 300 songs on it. You can also sync your Pandora Plus account and paid Deezer account. Also, you can sync music stored on your computer without DRM. But that means you can’t sync the music from Apple Music or Spotify.

Use the Bluetooth

You can also use your Bluetooth headphones with Fitbit Versa. You can sync your headphones from settings. Go to the Bluetooth option and select your audio device from the list of devices detected by Versa.

These are some fantastic things you can do with your Fitbit Versa apart from just tracking your health. The only thing is that you won’t be able to take actions on your notifications. You will not be able to respond to the messages you receive on the app. Also, changing its band is a complicated process.  Despite that, it is one of the best bands for the mass. You will enjoy using it and discovering its features for sure.

Amazon Echo Spot : A Near-Perfect Smart Alarm Clock

amazon echo spot

People are tired of alarm clocks. No one wants an annoying piece of machine waking you up. Moreover, you now have smartphones that can do the job better. Plus, your phone lies right next to you on charge. Compared to a regular alarm clock, it’s not that annoying to turn off your phone’s alarm. However, it is not healthy to be excessively involved with your smartphone.

Therefore, Amazon has some excellent smart alarm clocks that give you premium service. In this regard, the brand new Amazon Echo spot is the perfect alarm clock for your bedroom. Or, should  I say almost perfect?

This article reviews this latest Amazon product and helps you determine if you should get one for yourself.

What makes it a comprehensive package?

Echo Spot has a terrific screen which displays the clock. In fact, you get to choose from 16 different watch faces. Also, you can customize the watch faces with your photos. This is an example of brilliant marketing strategy.

Interestingly, Spot can present Alexa’s answers to your questions with a scrolling text facility. Therefore, you don’t need to pay attention to the audio all the time.

On the other hand, it also gives weather updates once the alarm goes off. Therefore, it helps you plan your day accordingly.

Admittedly, its 1.4-inch speaker is a killer feature. Alexa’s audio sounds way better compared to the tiny speakers of Echo Dot.

Exciting Features of Amazon Echo Spot

At a reasonable price of $129.99, Echo Spot is a brilliant effort. Compared to Echo Show, Spot is less expensive yet armed with the same features.

Attractive Design

The currently trending smart alarm clock is amazing in design.  Arguably, it is the prettiest Echo device so far. After all, you want to wake up to something beautiful. What’s better than a cute little clock raising you to sleep?

Echo Spot is available in beautiful black and white versions. Honestly speaking, it is much more than a basic alarm clock. Its circular touchscreen can also display information, videos, lists, etc.

amazon echo spot

Video Calling

Notably, this feature of the Echo Spot is one of the most significant selling points. Similar to Echo Show, Spot can place video calls with other Echo devices. You need the help of dear Alexa for this purpose.

Along with excellent sound, you also get a brilliant image quality. Moreover, you can easily see yourself and the person you are calling. Plus, you can enable an interesting “drop-in” feature. This can come across as somewhat creepy. You can connect to another person’s Echo even if he doesn’t answer your call.

Also,  you can disable the camera and voice control by using a button. Apart from that, you can also disable the camera separately. All you need to do is adjust the settings from Spot’s menu.

Any room for improvement?

Certainly. Echo Spot has a tiny screen. You will find it hard to see multiple people in one frame.  Although the device is multifunction, it can sure give even more.

In fact, many users feel that Echo Spot should have left out the camera. It’s often difficult to regulate the settings correctly. Again, you might get vulnerable to remote hacking. Although a brilliant feature, the camera issue needs work. After all, there is hardly anything as crucial as your privacy.

Voice Commands

Like all Echo devices, the best way to communicate with Echo Spot is through voice. By talking to Alexa enabled on Spot, you can make it do a wide array of diverse tasks. For example, it can play music, videos, answer your questions and much more. Without a doubt, Echo Spot is on the mission to better your lifestyle. Truly said, it is not just an alarm clock. That being said, can use some improved touch controls to enhance the activity.

Echo Spot| Close to Absolute Perfection

Once Amazon deals with the camera and privacy issue, Echo Spot will be the perfect addition to your gadget gallery. It often happens that your smartphone accidentally turned off and you didn’t get the much-needed wake-up call. Echo Spot attends to this issue in style.

Is Echo Spot splendid enough to be your latest buy? Consider all factors and decide for yourself. That being said, Spot is surely a tough sell.